Health sprite 600
Attack sprite 89
Defense sprite 34
Accuracy sptire 42
Evasion sptire  15

Skill Power FP cost effect
Wind blast 123 70 ---
Aeros Alert 139 170 ---
Areos special  209 300 Super excite 100%
Law of the jungle  --- 100 Recover for ally LP
Cyclone Breath  159 50 Team skill
Parting blow  --- --- Powers up when KO is imminent
Support effects 
Attack sprite ---
Defense sprite ---
Accuracy sptire ---
Evasion sptire --- 
Element: Air

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Strategies Edit

aeros is one of the 5 starters in fossil fighters champions. it has the most power of the 5 and has an even more powerful super evolver. it would be a really good idea to include aeros on an air mono team because of all its power and its super excite.