Attack 41
Defence 5
Accuracy 50
Speed 25
Skill Attack FP cost Effect
Ancient Beak 50 30 ---
Thieving Talons 56 50 80% chance of stealing 80 FP
Ancient Power --- 180 Transform into Neutral Type vivosaur
Elder Wrath 87 200 (Team skill)
Support effect sprite (own) 
Attack sprite                                    +10%
Defense sprite                                    +10%
Accuracy sptire                                    +10%
Evasion sptire                                    +10%
Element: Neutral

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If you're using Aopteryx in a competitive environment, there must be a banlist in play. Aopteryx is considered by many Fossil Fighters to be the WORST vivosaur ever created. It's a total gimmick: it has low defenses, poor offense, an unreliable Transformation skill AND it's a Close-Range. What little damage it does do is limited by its range (which makes little sense anyway, it's a BIRD.)

When using it, spam Life Drain. It's Aopteryx's most powerful skill aside from Elder Wrath, and it can recover a little LP each time it uses it. It's not a lot, mind you, 'cause 41 attack couldn't dent a tin can. But if you're lucky, you might be able to squeeze a few extra turns out of it.

Like most other Transformers, when the LP drops to 30% or less, transform. Who knows? It could be somewhat useful if you were to get an AlloBrachioMihu or Penta in a heavily restricted tier. Then again, you're as likely to get Squik as any of these, who is even worse than Aops when not behind an Aura wall.

So, if you have to use a Neutral, pick something else. If you have to use a Neutral Close-Range, pick something else. If you have to use Aopteryx, use Life Drain and Ancient Power. That's all it's good for.