LP 170
Attack 54
Defense 10
Accuracy 50
Speed 23
Skill Damage FP cost Effect
Boney blur        62       30      ---
B-plesio poison        72       90 Poison 60% chance
B-plesio Venom        ---      180 Golden poison 100% chance
Super quicken        ---       30 Evasion rate +70%
Boney wave         84      180 Scare 30% chance (Team) 
Attack +99%
Defence   ---
Accuracy   ---
Speed +99%

Element type: Water


B-Plesio is a top rank Support Vivosaur, doubling attack and speed, making your AZ allies fast and devastating. That being said, you have to hit while you can, as B-Plesio's measily LP is low enough to be OHKO'd by Spite Blast, which does a static 180 LP damage. B-Plesio is quite capable of taking care of itself, however, having Super Quicken to help stay alive. By no means let your guard down, though, because your opponent will still try to find ways to take B-Plesio apart.


Common practice is to use it in conjunction with Hibigon and a typical attacker like T-Rex. 198% Boost to attack, 99% Boost to Def, and a 99% Boost to speed makes your attacker hit hard, hit better, and be less likely to get hit. Even a Dilopho would only negate Hibigon's accracy boost, leaving your attacker back at neutral accuracy. All in all, pretty good.

Another strategy involves B-Tricera, B-Plesio, and Salada. Salada being the best attacker out of the Boneysaurs capitalizes on the boosts from it's boney brethren. While not as high as a Hibigon, B-Tricera boasts noticable boosts, especially in attack, and compatibility with Salada. Add Parting Blow on top of that, and it's just as good as done.


Countering B-Plesio is pretty easy, as long as you don't try using Zino or Centro or something. As mentioned before, Jara, Guera, and B-Jara all take out B-Plesio in a guaranteed OHKO, although losing their remaining LP in the process. Other Long-Ranges are also good for this purpose, Shenliu, Argento, Ryden, basically anything that hits Water Neutrally will get B-Plesio. Another thing to worry about is how vulnerable B-Plesio is without an attacker. B-Plesio is not nearly as well learned in the art of Poison as Plesio is, lacking a skill with Glacial Rage's effectiveness, not to mention having less survivability. If you can isolate B-Plesio, you've got it beat.