LP 540
Attack 85
Defence  44
Accuracy 36
Speed  13
Skill Attack FP cost Effect
Thick Jaws   113   100                   ---
Vaporizer Combo   131   190                   ---
Blast Breath   158   260     Enrage 50% chance
Law of the Jungle     ---    50    Recover useing ally LP
Scorch Breath    143    205             (Team skill)
  Support effects (applied to enemy               AZ)
Attack         -15%
Defense          ---
Accuracy       ---
Speed         -10%
Element type: Fire

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Strategies for BertoEdit

Berto is a Close-Range Fire type. As such, it faces stiff competition for a team slot from competitors such fearsome attackers as T-Rex, Dacerus, Gorgo, and Giganto. The advantages Berto has over these four is not always obvious. (WIP)