Carno (FF Background)

Oh Carno, you handsome devil...

LP 440
Attack 70
Defense 32
Accuracy 49
Speed 20

Skill Name

Skill Power

FP Cost Effect     
Carno Fang     92  80                              ---
Carno Smash    120 130                       65% Rotate
Headbutt    112 210                      100% Rotate
Law of the Jungle               --- 50

Ally with highest current LP gets reduced to one; Carno recovers the LP the vivosaur lost.

Solo Power    ---   --- Doubles Attack if Carno is the last vivosaur standing on a team.
Support effects         (own AZ)
Attack +10%
Defense -10%
Accuracy   ---
Speed   ---
Element type: Earth

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Strategies for CarnoEdit

Fossil FightersEdit

Carno is a very interesting choice for an attacker. It is an Attack Class medium, neither of which are known for their high defenses. Its Attack stat is mediocre at best, its Support Effects are flat, and its lack of a Team Skill turns many players off. Why then should one use Carno? The answer lies in its ability to Knock. When teamed up with an FP Plus Vivosaur, it can get a guaranteed knock on the AZ foe with Headbutt. Meaning, if you're facing a T-Rex and a Guan, you can immediately force the "tyrant king" to switch, then bring a Delta or Dilopho up front to combat the much-weaker Guan.

Fossil Fighters: ChampionsEdit

In a new metagame where status effects are more evenly balanced against support effects, Carno finds its old niche not as useful as it once was. But, it is given a new toy to prevent it from falling into the nether tiers: Solo Power. Between its Law of the Jungle skill and this newfound ability, Carno is now able to sacrifice its allies in exchange for an amazing 200% attack boost! And it can use this boost more than once, because it recovers LP when it uses LotJ!

As amazing as this gimmick is, it's important to remember it's still a gimmick. A Fossil Fighter who's aware of this plan can simply beat up Carno until it vanishes, then go for the weakened allies. Carno users can counter this counter by teaming it up with vivosaur that knows Parting Blow. Tricera and Carno make a terrific pair, even with the former not being able use its Team Skill.

Gold Confuse is the best answer to this, since it best limits the offensive capabilities of Vivosaurs, and has the potential to take out the PB Boosted Tricera on its own.

And let's not forget the Headbutt/Carno Smash. No longer used for Knocking, Headbutt is now primarily used as more powerful Mighty Stomp that can really put the hurt on ubiquitous Air Close-Ranges like Teffla, Giga Spinax, and V-Ripper. When teamed with an Exciter such as Penta or Futabi, this can pin them back in the SZ, where they are far less effective and vulnerable to Long-Range strikes. However, this is fairly niche, and must be used cautiously. After all, T-Rex is still King of the Close-Ranges.