Stats Edit

Health sprite 220
Attack sprite 41
Defense sprite 11
Accuracy sptire 50
Evasion sptire 25
Move Attack power FP cost Effect
Ankle Biter 50 30 ---
Compso Kick 55 50 ---
Gravel Breath 69 100 ---

Terra Pulse

71 120 ---

FP Plus

--- --- Boosts FP Recharge Volume
   Support effects             (enemy AZ) 
Attack sprite                       -90%
Defense sprite                       -90%
Accuracy sptire                           ---
Evasion sptire                           ---
Element type: Earth

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Strategies Edit

In the first game if you team Compso up with any high attack vivosaur you will generally win unless if they have knock skills, confusion skills, or a Guan.

However in the second game, with the introduction of rotation battling, compso's supports can be cut and half, and it can be put into a more unfavorable situation made compso less of a threat..