Health                  480
Attack                  83
Defense                36
Accuracy              48
Speed                   15
Move Attack power FP cost Effect
Jaws of Terror        98   60                  ---
Fearsome Combo        131  190                  ---
Nightmare Combo        159  300     Normal scare 50%
Terror Breath          ---   350 Normal scare 70% (Team)
 Support effects (own AZ)
Attack                         ---
Defense                      ---
Accuracy                 -10%
Speed                        ---
Element type: Fire 

For more info on Gorgo click here


Put a guan and dilopho in the SZ, and gorgo in the AZ. With guan's attack boost, you can fire off terrifyingly powerful moves like nightmare combo hauntingly easily with fp boost from dilopho chillingly fast.

Note: don't worry if the other team makes your positions switch, guan and dilopho fight well, but you should really let gorgo do the fighting. Also, try

putting a head Super fossil on gorgo.