LP 600
Attack 93
Defense 38
Accuracy 42
Speed 11
Skill Damage FP cost Effect
Heracles Blade 133 120 Rotate: 50%
Heracles Beam 176 270 ---
Heracles Bore 213 430 ---
Enflame --- 30 Raise Attack
Heracles Rush 263 850 Attack AZ and SZ simultaneously
Attack +60%
Defence -30%
Accuracy +20%
Speed -10%
Element type: Water


Heracles is a very powerful Vivosaur with great offensive support effects. It has very good stats as well, with its 600 LP greatly improving its survivability. Although its moves are somewhat expensive, they can deal quite a bit of damage. Heracles is best used as a supportive vivosaur. As such, it should be left in the SZ to allow powerful AZ allies to deal lots of damage. If there is a threatening Fire type vivosaur or if there is plenty of FP remaining, Heracles Blade can be used to deal extra damage. Heracles can also use Enflame to help its allies deal much more damage if there isn't much remaining FP.


Heracles is best paired with heavily offensive Vivosaurs with few crippling support effects to allow easier rotation. Notable partners include Aeros, Saichan, and Raja. If T-Rex or O-Raptor Fiend are used, a good Rallying Cry Vivosaur should also be used to prevent Excite skills from crippling the team. Notable partners include Nigo and Saichan.

Guan or Heracles could also be used in the SZ to further benefit AZ vivosaurs, although the team can lose plenty of momentum or even lose the battle if the opponent Excites and rotates the team.

Earth type Vivosaurs such as Raja, Zanth, and Nigo are great partners because they threaten Air type Vivosaurs that could possibly lead to Heracles' defeat.


Parium is arguably the best counter to Heracles, due to its Air typing and Elemental Boost. Parium works best at defeating Heracles when Heracles is located in the SZ and Parium has positive offensive support effects from vivosaurs such as Heracles or Guan. Heracles could defend itself by rotating to the front AZ position, but it can still be heavily damaged.

Zanth is also a great counter to Heracles. Zanth's support effects completely hinder those caused by Heracles. Zanth can also hit Heracles for Neutral damage, as well as having a good range against Heracles no matter which position Heracles is located. Zanth can easily defeat Heracles in a solo match even if it lost a fair amount of LP, due to its support effects threatening Heracles to attack in a less favourable range.

Aeros could be used to greatly damage Heracles, but it is only effective when Heracles is in the AZ. Rotation can be paired with Aeros to send Heracles to the AZ, but this strategy is unreliable at times.