Health sprite 680
Attack sprite 78
Defense sprite 36
Accuracy sptire 40
Evasion sptire 11

Skill Name

Attack Power FP Cost Effect
Ocean Lore 100 100 Rotate 100%
Ocean Dance 120 140 ---
Ocean Waltz 160 280 ---
Power Scale --- 50

Equalize FP

Ocean Impact 173 400
Auto Counter --- --- May retaliate and return some damage
Support Effects (Own AZ)
Attack sprite -10%
Defense sprite -10%
Accuracy sptire ---
Evasion sptire ---
Elemental Type: Water

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Put a Kashin in the az  and Seidon and Plesio in the SZ.        

So this is the strategy :

Let plesio get K.O.ed and go full Kashin and Seidon is for coverage and power scale.

Seidon is both a good attacker and versatile with power scale to equalize FP.