Status Effects are conditions that are applied to Vivosaurs by Skills. There are two significant groups of Status Effects: Positive (which boosts a Vivosaur's stats), or Negative (which decreases a Vivosaurs usefulness). Both kinds have normal and extreme versions, Silver and Gold respectively.

Status Effects

A list of status effects,the blue side depicting Positive and the red side Negative.


Positive Status EffectsEdit

Charge Edit

Charge is a Buffing status effect, that makes your next attack do much more damage. Charge is only usable on the one who has the Charge skill and it only lasts one turn after applied. there is no Golden Charge skill


Counter is a retaliation effect,which allows the target to take 0 damage from a Direct Contact skill and give the attacker the damage that would have been dealt.There is not a 100% chance,however.


Enflame is a Buffing effect, Enflame lasts for one turn after it is applied and it rases you attack stat. enflame has a golden skill that rases you attack even more so.


Harden is a Buffing skill, that once it is applied it raises you Vivosaurs deffence. Super harden the golden form of this Raises you deffence much more.


Quicken is a buffing move, once it is applied it raises you vivosaurs evasion and boosts the chance for the next attack twords it  to miss. the golden virsion of this is Super quicken, just like Quicken it boost your evasion but this one boost it even more so the next attack twords it to miss. 

Negative Status EffectsEdit


Confuse makes the Vivosaur unpredictable and uncontrollable by the fighter using it. Air Element Vivosaurs are more likely than others to have skills with this effect. Gold Confuse allows the Vivosaur to damage itself or its teammates.


Enrage raises the attack power of a vivosaur,but,on the other hand,completely devastates the accuracy.


Excite is a effect that one it's applied you can no longer rotate your team. The golden excite skill makes the vivosaur that has it applied rotate your team one space in either direction (FFC only).


Infection is a skill that only found on two vivosaurs. Krypto and E-Raptor. The reason is that after infection it's kills the infected vivosaur in five turns. There is no golden infection, and it has no icon.


Posion is a that lasts for one turn but once that turn is up it deals damage to the one that is enfected. Golden poison does more damage. Additionally, poison has a third icon that's purple and black, representing Venom. This takes away half of the Vivosaur's LP and can only be inflicted by U-Venom and ocassionally Necromancy.


Scare is a skill that one it's applied to a vivosaur it takes away it's ability to use some skills.