LP 600
Attack 99
Defense 50
Accuracy 48
Speed 12
Skill Attack FP cost                                Effect
Tyrant's Roar   100 100           Attacks the AZ and SZ at the same                                         time
Scare Tactics  166 200                     40% chance of scare
Frightful Assault    189 300                 80% chance of golden scare
Law of the Jungle     ---  50                    Recover useing ally LP
Tyrants Breath   164 280                             (team skill)
Support effects            (own AZ)
Attack          -30%
Defense        -30%
Accuracy      -30%
Speed         - 30%

Element type: Fire

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Strategies for T-rexEdit

One of the most common strategees with T-rex is keeping him in the front and haveing two attack supporting Vivosaurs. in the back some viable ones are Guan Hibigon and B-Plesio The reason for this is that Guan gives plus 90 attack which is an amazing boost and Both Hibigon and B-Plesio give plus 99 attack and 99 of another stat. but back to Guan... lets say you T-rex gets KO'ed all you have to do is use Great Unmasking and BOOM you have another T-rex yes it is not as strong as the one that is knocked out because it has gotten rid of 90 of the attack boost but it's still good.