Health sprite   620

Attack sprite    97
Defense sprite    38
Accuracy sptire    36
Evasion sptire    28 
Attack Power FP cost effect
Teffla Scale 140 140 ---
Teffla Soar 175 250 ---
Teffla Dive 237 550 Super Excite 100%
Law of the Jungle --- 50 Recover using Ally LP
Teffla Coil 269 780 Team Skill 
Support effects 
Attack sprite     ---
Defense sprite     ---
Accuracy sptire     ---
Evasion sptire     ---
Element: Air 

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Strategies  Edit

Teffla Is primarily used as an AZ attacker due to its Attack of 97, so having Support Effects that apply a further boost to its Attack can be useful. Two useful teammates include Heracles and Machai.